Let Your Balls Hang Low

At Gear Essentials, the company is dedicated to delivering products that will help you get more pleasure out of your package. Ball stretchers, or ball weights, are just one of the many accessories that can create an entirely new sensation for you. You have to experience it for yourself. You know how good it feels to let your balls drop down. Add ball weights and you can give them more swing and an extra tug that will be with you all day. When your body starts to heat up, you want your testicles to keep their cool. With a little help from Gear Essentials, you can find out just how low your balls can go.

It's All About Personal Preferences
The only way you can find out how much weight your balls can take is to give ball weights a trial run. Start out gradually and work your way up as you build tolerance. If you like the results after an 8 ounce weight, you can always move on to 24 ounces, maxing out at 32 ounces hanging down on your balls to add some extra pressure. If you want to enhance the effect even further, you can add a ball stretcher to optimize what you're getting out of the weights.

Wear Your Ball Weights When You Need that Tension
Wearing ball weights can become an art. You decide what you want to get out of them. If you're looking for a stretching effect that will be permanent, you'll want to build your way up to longer periods of time and heavier weights on a daily basis. If you're just looking for some erotic pleasure, put them on for a little while and reap the rewards. When you know you're going to have some action, try ball weights leading up to the main event. You'll be primed for performance and your partner will think you're sexy too. Turn to Gear Essentials when you want to explore toys and accessories that can perfect your package. From cockrings to glans rings and more, you have a full lineup waiting for you.

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